W.A. "Bud" Lawrence, Principal Owner

Managing Partner and Chief Designer

For the past forty years, W.A. "Bud" Lawrence, has designed houses in the classical, traditional and vernacular styles nationally an internationally. Bud has traveled to Europe studying French, Spanish, Italian and English architecture as well as studied at Louisiana State University, the prestigious Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, has been certified by the Cherrett Institute and is a member of the New Urban Guild. Winning numerous design awards for Old French, Spanish, Creole, English Tidewater and Plantation style homes, he is one of the nation's top classical designers. His work has been featured in many news papers articles across the country including the New York Times and magazines such as Southern Living and Better Homes and Gardens. All of his designs capture the essence, style, proportions, and details of the timeless styles of architecture that he specializes in. His understanding of and ability to capture the Old World styles in a modern and functional house, is second to none. Currently Bud is the principal owner of Period Style Homes Plan Sales, Inc. and continues to design select urban planning projects, custom home projects and is writing a series of books on house styles.

Bertum Goodhue, Addison Mizner, Wallace Neff, Hays Town, Richard Morris Hunt, Maurice Fatio, McKin, Mead, and White, and others


  • Design Line
  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Southern Living
  • Builders Magazine
  • Concrete Homes Magazine
  • NY Times
  • Gulf Coasting Magazine


  • Aurora Award
  • Best in American Living
  • Best of Show (A.I.B.D. National)
  • Designers Choice (A.I.B.D. Regional)
  • Multiple National and Regional First Place A.I.B.D. Awards