Bobby Morales,

Bobby has over 35 years experience as a design professional. He is a serious and passionate student of the design principles of classicism and traditional architecture. He was awarded a Certificate in Classical Architecture from the prestigious Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, NYC, NY. He is certified by the National Council of Building Designer Certification, the National Charrette Institute as a Charrette Administrator, is a professional member of the American Institute of Building Design, and a Florida licensed Class “A” General Contractor. He has won several regional and national design competitions and is regularly invited to participate in design charrettes around the country. He has designed homes throughout the US, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean.

Bobby has traveled extensively to conferences and forums around the country promoting the virtues of traditional neighborhoods and classical design. He enjoys lecturing and teaching, hoping to further encourage and educate the public, fellow design professionals, and construction professionals in the language of classicism and traditional architecture. He is sought after by the regional media as an expert on residential design and market trends. His work has been published nationally in industry-related and consumer home magazines. Bobby’s 2007 Builder Magazine’s InSync Show House was featured on HGTV.

Bobby’s design philosophy is greatly influenced by having lived and traveled throughout Europe and studying the work of great architects of the past. A highlight in Bobby’s career was his recent architectural tours of magnificent cities, villas and gardens in France, Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic. Bobby continues to refine his skills by absorbing the writings of current and world-renowned classicists, neo-traditionalists architects, planners, and educators.