American Architectural Styles & House Plans

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Get­ting an authen­tic look starts with know­ing the style and its details.

American architectural styles have largely been driven by our European roots; primarily Western Europe: England, France, Spain, and Italy. Most of today’s American house styles are derivatives of early houses built across America when it was being settled and throughout its infancy. There, of course, have been some styles that are considered American but, if looked at closely, most still have roots from Western Europe such as Greek revival, Italianate, Victorians, Arts and Crafts and others. A few can be called true American styles such as the Shingle style, Stick style, Prairie style, Craftsman and others.

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Reference materials – Are you looking for a place to beginning learning about your favorite house styles or do you want to learn more? We’ve done all the searching for you, find books here that are must reads!

Architectural Styles – Picture Collection by Christine Frank

PSHPS – House Style Picture Collections – Architecture – Historic Periods

Wikipedia – Timeline of architectural styles

This Old House – American House Styles

Historic New England – Architectural Style Guide

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