04 Apr

Custom Cabinets – Things you should know


When it comes to building a home, knowing where to start on choosing important details like cabinets can be a challenge because there are so many options in styles, quality and price range. The best place to start is by asking your designer or builder for recommendations and reading informative articles like this one on Houzz.com by Laura Gaskill.


When looking for cabinets you’ll love, I always recommend keeping in mind the way you will live and work in the space, as it is extremely important that your cabinets work for your lifestyle. Another thing to consider is the style of your cabinets, many period style home owners prefer to choose cabinets that are traditional to the style of the home however others prefer a more modern style. Just remember that if you are going to use an ultra modern cabinet style in a period home then you will probably want to carry some of the modern style features through out your home as to not have the modern cabinets feel out-of-place.

It is very helpful and I highly recommend having a design or idea book with pictures of cabinets you would like in your home as this will help keep you and your cabinet designer focused on the function and style you will love.