06 Jul

The Pro’s and Con’s of Buying Pre-Drawn House Plans



There are both pro’s and con’s to buying pre-drawn house plans and, if you are considering buying one, it is important that you understand what those are.

Pre-drawn house plans, sometimes refered to as pre-designed house plans or stock plans, are fully designed and drawn house plans that are created by a professional residential designer or architect just as custom homes are. Many of the pre-drawn house plans that are for sale today are designs by leading design professionals often with decades of experience in designing residential homes.

These designers recognize the challenges and naunces of home design and strive to develop floor plans that use space effectivly with exceptual functionality.  The designers at Period Style Homes Plans Sales specialize in another very important aspect of home design which is, for lack of better terms, asethetics and curb apeal. Our designers understand that environment matters, that what is surrounding you really does have an effect on happiness. So, we strive to go beyond functionality and by applying the timeless design principles of antiquity, our house plans allow a person to experience the unity, harmony and beauty that comes with a well designed period or classical home.

When you purchase pre-drawn house plans you are usually receiving an accurate and complete set of contruction documents. Some designers however sell only design drawings that do not include the structual drawing that you will need to build the home. These drawings need to be completed by a competant residental designer, architect or engineer.

At Period Style Homes Plan Sales we sell construction documents however we do have what we call “on the boards” designs that when purchased must be completed into construction documents. This means that for the “on the board” designs that is will take longer for the plans to be shipped or emailed.