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Custom Home Design

Period Style Homes Plan Sales, Inc is a full service Building Design Company. We realize that a custom home design is sometimes desired or even required to meet your needs. If you find yourself frustrated with the never ending search through print magazines and websites for pre-designed house plans, you may want to consider using our residential design services to design a custom home plan. With over 40 years experience in residential design we will help you create the home of your dreams. Our clients come to us because we offer designs that are not only beautiful and timeless but we also offer modern layouts and conveniences that meet the specific needs of the lifestyle of our clients.

Home Remodel Design

There are families that have rooted themselves in neighborhoods they love however their home may not function well, it may be too small, need some updating or it may simply just be unappealing. There are many reasons that home owners choose to renovate their home and we understand the challenges that come with this decision. Our experienced designers will work with you to find the best design solutions to the specific challenges you have and help you turn your home into a beautiful and functional space that you will love to live in.

How much will a custom home design and home remodel design cost?

Our Custom home plan services cost between $3.00 and $6.00 per foot based on the total area under roof; this price is usually only between 1 and 3 percent of the overall cost of your home. The complexity of the design combined with the information you will provide us, will determine the exact cost of your custom home plan.

Modifications to Predesigned Plans

Often it is difficult to find pre-designed house plans that meet all of your needs. In an effort to help you receive the low cost benefits of buying a pre-designed plan yet still get some of the custom features that you may want or need we offer plan modification services for the pre-designed house plans here at Period Style Homes Plan Sales, Inc. Our designers know these home plans and know how to make changes to the plans without compromising the style of the house. We will work with you to design the home modifications you would like and to customize your pre-designed house plans to those design specifications.

How much will modifications cost?

Modifications costs are based on the complexity of the changes but are customarily much more affordable than designing a custom home. We offer FREE modification quotes for most plans. To receive a rough cost estimate for your desired modifications please click on the “Contact us to request modifications to this plan” button on the plan page that you would like to modify and tell us what modifications you would like to make or you can call us at 1-855-477-7526 and request a customization estimate.

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Design Phases: What to Expect...

1. Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is the starting point. During this first meeting whether it is in person, by telephone or by video conference we will discuss the scope of your project.
We’ll discuss your tastes, what style of home you like, your lifestyle, what type of floor plan layout you’re looking for, the living and total area square footages you would like to work within, what type of structure you would like to use (concrete block, wood frame), how you will use the spaces inside and outside your home, how many floors you would like, your lot, where it is located, the size of your lot, any trees or structures you want to keep, any type of restrictions you may know about, what type of vistas you may have and the placement of the house on the lot.
Items that would be helpful for this process are:

  • Boundary Survey
  • Topographical Survey
  • Soil Report
  • Any state, county/parish and community restrictions and requirements including required set-backs and height restrictions for your lot.
  • Any other information that may affect the building and buildable space.

For remodels we will need measurements and pictures of your house. In addition, plans of your house would be very helpful if you have them.

These items are not required for this meeting however if you decide to move forward with the project they may be required before we can start.

2. The Proposal and Contract

Once the initial meeting is complete we will prepare a proposal for you. This process usually takes about 3 business days but can take up to one week. Once the proposal is prepared we will send it to you for your review. At this point we will either schedule another meeting to answer any questions you may have or if you do not have any questions you can sign the proposal and send it to us along with the required deposit. Once the signed proposal and deposit are received by us we will execute the proposal turning it into our project contract. You will receive a copy of the executed contract along with a list of items needed for us to begin work such as the items listed under the initial consultation. Once we receive the required items your project will be added to the designers work list and we will contact you to set up an appointment for the design development consultation.

3. Design Development Consultation

This is the meeting where the designer will really get to know you so that he may design a home that is specific to your taste, lifestyle, desires and needs. During this consultation we will cover:

  1. The scope of your project in detail
    We will review all of the required items and discuss how, if any, the different requirements, codes and land structures will come into play in your design.
  2. Your tastes, preferences, likes, dislikes, style and lifestyle
    There will be lots of questions asked and we may even look at pictures to focus in on your tastes. If you have pictures or anything you want to share please have that available.

Please be aware that the scope of projects can vary greatly as well as their timelines. We are dedicated to keeping you informed of every aspect of the design process. We will communicate with you at least once a week via e-mail or telephone to give you updates on the progress of your project. If at any time you need to speak to us or have any questions please know that we will always make ourselves available for you.

4. Design Development Plans

Creating the design concept is a multi-faceted process. The Designer may contact you with questions about preferences and lifestyle throughout this phase. Once the initial design concept is ready to present, we will scheduled a meeting where you will be presented with it. We will go through the design in detail getting your feedback on what you like and do not like about the design. Often there will be changes needed in order to meet your needs and preferences. In some rare cases, you may not like the design. After the meeting the designer will make the changes or re-design the plan and then set up another meeting with you to go over the revisions or new design. This process will continue until you are completely happy with your design.

If you are going to have a builder, interior designer, pool designer or landscape architect it is wise to start involving them at this point in the design process. Their input can be valuable in saving time and possibly money due to modifications that may be needed later in the construction drawings process. It is important that all of your needs and preference be addressed in this phase as it is more difficult to make design changes once the construction documents have been started. By the end of this process, however, we will have a complete design concept that meets your approval and we will be ready to move on to the next phase.

5. Construction Documents

Once we have decided on a floor plan and elevations the next step is to begin the construction documents. These documents are the instructions in which your builder will use to build the house. A cad tech will be assigned to your project for completion of this phase. Also, during this phase we give you a finishing schedule to fill out so that we may call out all the finishing materials and products you would like to use in the construction of your home. Once the documents are complete you will be given a copy to review. We encourage you to share the plans with your builder, interior designer, pool designer and landscape architect if applicable. Upon your final approval this will be your completed design and construction documents that you or your builder will use to construct your home.**

At this point, it will be time to celebrate as the building process can begin!

**Please note:
Depending on where you live there may be some requirements by your state or local government before you can actually begin the building process. Some localities require that an architect or engineer seal the plans and many localities require a building and/or zoning permit. If any of these are required we will be happy to work with your chosen professionals to make any adjustments to the plans so that you may have everything needed to begin the building process.

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