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Modifications to Predesigned Plans

Often it is difficult to find pre-designed house plans that meet all of your needs. In an effort to help you receive the low cost benefits of buying a pre-designed plan yet still get some of the custom features that you may want or need we offer plan modification services for the pre-designed house plans here at Period Style Homes Plan Sales, Inc. Our designers know these home plans and know how to make changes to the plans without compromising the style of the house. We will work with you to design the home modifications you would like and to customize your pre-designed house plans to those design specifications.

How much will modifications cost?

Modifications costs are based on the complexity of the changes but are customarily much more affordable than designing a custom home. We offer FREE modification quotes for most plans. To receive a rough cost estimate for your desired modifications please click on the “Contact us to request modifications to this plan” button on the plan page that you would like to modify and tell us what modifications you would like to make or you can call us at 1-855-477-7526 and request a customization estimate.

Already know which plan you'd like to have modified?

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