i French Style Homes

Style Description: French Architecture has a long history of being built all around the world and in America. The French explored and settled large areas of the Americas, from Canada down to the Gulf of Mexico. Over the years they have given us a number of beautiful house styles from the vernacular Normandy, Provence, Acadian, Colonial, and West Indies styles to the Chateauesque and Classical Beau Arts style. Built all across the United States, the French style houses remain very popular in a number of areas. The Normandy style is recognized primarily by the very high pitched slate roofs, the round or octagonal turrets. The French and Creole styles found along the Gulf coast had the wrap around galleries as their primary architectural features. Of course the Beau Arts style is one of the most classical of all classical styles, this style has not been used a great deal for residential architecture but it was used on some of the finest houses in America.