Traditional Neighborhood Development

Charleston, Savannah, Richmond, Alexandria – cities and towns that delight in the pedestrian and awaken our sense of community. Squares, parks, shops, street cafés- places we love to congregate and refresh our spirits. These are the places we love to visit and wish to live in.

Period Style Homes (PSH) is deeply committed to the New Urbanism movement. We recognize that the "city is more important than the building." Development is more art than science. It is creative, multi-disciplinary, and often very complex. It requires the skills, talents, and intuition of many players. In response to this need, PSH has assembled a talented group of planners and designers with the goal of improving aesthetics, convenience, social integration, thus providing a more sustainable way of developing communities.

Our TND portfolio includes projects from Panama, Spain, Belize, and USA.

Whether the need is a preliminary TND Master Plan or traditional and classical buildings to populate the Master Plan, PSH stands prepared to meet the needs and desires of all stakeholders involved. Contact us about how we can assist you in planning your next community.

Charrette Process

A charrette is an intensive planning session, typically near the project site, where developer, municipalities, citizens, designers and others collaborate on a vision for development. It provides a forum for ideas and offers the unique advantage of giving immediate feedback to the designers. More importantly, it allows everyone who participates to be a mutual author of the plan. Formal and informal meetings are held throughout the event and updates to the plan are presented periodically.

Through brainstorming and design activity, many goals are accomplished during the charrette. First, everyone who has a stake in the project develops a vested interest in the ultimate vision. Second, the design team works together to produce a set of finished documents that address all aspects of design. Third, since the input of all the players is gathered at one event, it is possible to avoid the prolonged discussions that typically delay conventional planning projects. Finally, the finished result is produced more efficiently and cost-effectively because the process is collaborative.

Recent TND Projects

Central Florida TND Residential Community

56 acre parcel part of a larger Mix-Use TND Master Plan with connectivity to the proposed Town Center to the north and a large Medical Center/Hospital to the south. Difficult site due to 13 acres of wetlands near the center of the parcel. Land plan designed to celebrate the wetlands as a natural wooded park with Lake, trails and a Dog Park. Premium lots would surround and face the park. Developer desired only two types of product: 35' Manor Home lots and 45' Estate Home lots with eight different models and three different Facades each. All models are Courtyard Homes. Designs inspired by early 20th century traditional and classical homes in St. Augustine, Coral Gables and Santa Barbara.

Towel Gardens – Fort Myers, FL

Project Scope: To provide a cohesive community of low cost housing with a community center and concealed parking.

Mixed-Use Building & Parking Garage – Naples, FL

Project Scope: The city of Naples needed a parking garage and they wanted to incorporate retail and condominiums. This was to be located in their downtown area.

City of McAllen – McAllen, TX

Project Scope: The city of McAllen TX had 69 acres in the downtown area that they wanted town center design with mixed use buildings.

El Paraiso – McAllen, TX

Project Scope: Current subdivision that developer wanted to redesign into a small TND.

La Sienna Town Center – Edinburg, TX

Project Scope: Developer wanted to add a town center to a residential development.

Downtown Redevelopment – Cape Coral, FL

Project Scope: City wanted to redevelop the downtown area using current buildings and adding new mixed use buildings.

Toledo Blade – Punta Gorda

Project Scope: Developer wanted a small TND.