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We specialize in timeless house designs using period and historical styles. It is here, on our blog, where we get up on our soapbox to talk about everything period style homes. 

In our humble opinion, the curb appeal of recent American houses has been declining year after year. In the past, when you looked at a house, you immediately knew the style of the house you were looking at whether it be French, Spanish, English or American. Today we no longer look at houses for what period in time and style they were built in but instead only what decade they were built in. Defining homes only by time and not style opens the door, so to speak, to homes becoming outdated and undesired.

It is sad to say but our houses no longer have longevity and timelessness. Houses use to be designed and built using a set of rules that applied to a style that had been perfected by designers and architects which made them beautiful, recognizable and have a timeless look. People today wonder why houses only 10 or 20 years old are ugly, unappealing and in many cases not very valuable while 100+ year-old homes are still beautiful, attractive and of high value. This has happened because in recent decades the different home styles have been blurred through the blending of elements from one style to another making home styles faddish and in a constant state of change.

If you see a new home designed and built using the time-tested design rules for a house style, or as the pro’s call it “using a specific design language” for a style you no longer only see what period in time the home was built in but also the style it was built in. Giving a new home a style, like houses from the past, using the time-tested design rules not only makes the home beautiful but makes it recognizable giving it a timeless look and creates the same type of value retention as the beautiful old homes from the past.

In our opinion, designing and building faddish homes for homeowners to invest their hard-earned money into is doing them a huge disservice. It is our mission to bring back the great value of timeless design to homeowners. We invite you to spend some time reading our blog, check out our resources and viewing our house plans.

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If you are thinking about custom designing a home, buying a pre-designed house plan, or modifying a pre-design house plan please feel free to contact us as we would be happy to help you through the process.
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We are often asked about building products and decorating resources for period style homes. We have an abundance of resources and we are passing them on to you!

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